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Alison Erika Forde (born 1985, Wigan, Greater Manchester) is a visual artist/maker/painter exploring her mixed heritage, motherhood, class, the male gaze and northern-ness through art and zines.


 She creates her distinctive imagery on an eclectic mix of objects. By re-using old, unwanted items including mass-produced second-hand prints, bric-a-brac and household wood, she injects new purpose into the discarded remnants. Drawing on imagery sourced from high art to the subcultural, Alison paints a window through to an alternate universe simultaneously familiar and unnerving, reaching for hope through darkness with disarming playfulness.


 Alison has been practising art in and around Greater Manchester since graduating from MMU in 2008, exhibiting regularly in the UK and overseas, including exhibitions at Manchester Art Gallery, York St Mary's & Glasgow Women's Library.


 Alison is a founding member of art collectives Yiiikes! and Gang Of Five, as well as making limited edition zines.


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